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Smooth & versatile long-sleeve rash guard will protect you while you have fun being active & athletic. It's slim-fit with ergonomic seams, and a bit longer than your casual tee for extra comfort & protection: 
• 40 UPF sun block protection
• Fabric absorbs moisture & dries quickly
• Fitted but comfortable longer body & sleeves
• 82% polyester 18% spandex 4X stretch soft & cool feel

4.5/5 44 REVIEWS
Elizabeth "I bought this for a friend of mine to test out for me and he has only had good things to say! He (like me) does kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the rash guard is amazing at doing it's job! Not only does it keep you cool and wick away moisture but it LOOKS so great!"

Henergy is an energy lifestyle for everyone because everything is possible when you plant & protect your energy. Enjoy 1000+ energy tips and training tops, tote bags & backpacks in 10 positive energy colors.

Henergy is the inspiration of caregiver & energist Stephen Henrik. I created Henergy to solve my problem of caregiver burnout and help my mother struggle with her energy due to COPD. Contact me at for suggestions, questions or coaching.

Henergy Emotional Energy & Feng Shui Earth men's slimsoft training top

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